Eight years experience developing front-end applications for the auto, pharmaceutical, entertainment, and advertising industries; four years experience in online advertising; fifteen years rich media production.

es6 react vue webpack Babel

Writing elegant code with ES6, functional programming,

and powerful frameworks/libraries

Tech Skills

  • Javascript/HTML5/CSS3
  • Pre-processing/optimization with:
  • CSS
    • Flex Box
    • Frameworks (Bootstrap, Bulma)
    • Less/Sass
  • Flash/Action-script
  • Rich Media Production
  • WordPress -Genesis framework
  • Strong debugging skills

Professional experience with:

  • AngularJS
    • Angular Material, UI Bootstrap
    • Accessible Rich Internet Applications ARIA
  • Cloud hosting platforms such as AWS
  • SVG

Current Focus

  • Vue.JS
  • React
    • Redux
    • React Router
  • Riot.js
  • Functional Programming
  • Data visualization - D3 charting
  • Data Streams

Tool kit

  • Atom.io
  • NPM / Yarn
  • Git
  • Homebrew
  • terminal

Adobe Flash

  • Seven years experience building applications Action-script 3 (& AS 2) - strong coding skills.
  • Design patterns for building complex yet flexible modular. Tools - JetBrains IntelJ & Apache Flex framework. Digital Video Advertising - VPAID/VAST:

Media Production

  • Full Adobe Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate. Video editing and compression


Interactive Telecommunications Program - NYU 1995-1997
Masters of Professional Studies. Tisch School of Arts.


Front-end Developer / CEO @ Cloud Swing, Inc Oct. 2013 - 2017

  • HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Wordpress

Front End Development - Typhon Group 2016

Brought in to assist lead developer on AngularJS application. Built new features, fixed bugs, restructured and simplified code, worked towards AA accessibility.

Developer @ Reel Feed TV 2015 - 2016

Developer (Action-script / Javascript) on the company’s VPAID digital video advertising product and underlying code package used in other company products. Worked on Agile team - communicating with Slack. Brought a broken app back online, brought order to legacy code, fixed bugs brought in new features.

Ad Technologist @ Yahoo Jan. 2012 - May 2013

  • Worked on a small team building rich media ads for Yahoo properties meeting very tight deadlines. The work required diving in and debugging code by outside developers.
  • Drafted new standards for internal tracking of ad progression and interaction.
  • Produced new versions of Yahoo Connected TV:
  • Took over new account management responsibilities after supervisor departed the company. Publisher support/ problem-solving.

Senior Flash Developer / CEO @ Cloud Swing, Inc Oct. 2010 - 2017

Specialized in building Flash application: kiosks, and casual social game, networked multi-player games.

Senior Flash Developer @ Vindico Group Nov. 2009-Oct. 2010

Built the 1st and 2nd generation of the company’s VPAID and VAST compliant Flash video ad display product that tracks user interactions and ad events - and measures a campaign’s effectiveness.

Flash Developer (freelance) 2005-2009, 2010

Lead developer on a variety of Flash and rich media projects. Rich Media Producer (freelance & full-time) 1996-2005 Macromedia Director projects, DVD, websites, video editing. Full-time producer/developer for Oddcast, Oven Digital, The Hub, and a variety of clients.

Wordpress Sites

Facebook Casual Game June 2011 for client Estee Lauder

Pharmaceutical Application May - June 2011

  • Transformed dozens of detailed Illustrator designs into an interactive application with video, code and timeline animations, and a complex dynamic navigation
  • Created a simple internal api so that elements of the project could be sourced to junior developers and integrated into the larger project with zero meshing of the code

Kia Optima Sales Floor Kiosk April - May 2011

Joined a team of developers on a large immersive Flash site. Took charge of mapping photo, video, and tweets and Facebook blurbs onto an interactive 3D spinning cube.

Black Eye Peas MySpace Game Dec. 2010 Delivered a web app utilizing the user’s camera. While Black Eye Peas song plays, 8 graphics and animations are mapped to the user’s face. The art follows the user’s head movements using face tracking code library. Users are able to snap screen shots of themselves and post them on MySpace.

Facebook Flash Game for Thup Games Oct. - Dec. 2010
Junior developer on a Facebook Flash parody of Farm-ville for client Adult Swim. Isometric game play. Games within games. Very similar to the real game.

AdSelector Video Player June - July 2009
Before joining BBE/VindicoGroup full-time as the senior Flash developer, built the company’s first web video ad application. List of features:

  • renders a customized view via XML (size, background color, gradient, border, menu columns/rows, navigation style) customized controller plays full screen video

  • tracks all user interactions and player events records meaningful user actions to a cookie displays content dependent on users’ previous viewing history and interactions

Car Sales Room Touch-Screen Kiosk June - Sept 2008

Flash kiosk installed in 180 Hyundai dealerships nationwide. Developed on a very tight schedule with ever changing list of features and project goals. Features:

  • Dynamic fullscreen flash web video player with captions. a 3D navigation for displaying a vast complex tree of XML derived data.
  • carousel photo/video galleries
  • a variety of media for each feature of the car (videos, voice-overs, external SWFs, charts, animations)
  • hi-res zoomable bitmaps
  • a drawing tool so that sales persons can highlight a specific section of the screen

Pharmaceutical Video Sales Tool Jan. April 2008

  • Dynamic Itunes-like UI video player.
  • Media display listed and sortable by speaker, title, subject, playlists.
  • Users can create and save custom playlists. Speaker bios.

Dig Video - 2001-2002

monthly music video marketing CD-ROM. (Macromedia Director)

for more, see the project archive